Saturday Standouts 9/6/14–EX1, Makeup Forever, MAC, Becca & More!

Hello ladies!! ❤ I am SO excited to be doing this post today because August was such a crazy month for me, I haven’t actually done a Saturday Standouts in a few weeks! I HAD to make this happen today though because I have such beautiful products I want to show and share with you. ❤

I hope everyone has had a great start to their September and that those of us with kids have had a smooth transition back into school, and of course those of you who are in school yourselves! September is the beginning of my favorite season–fall–as well as my birthday month, so it always makes for a great month for me every year. 🙂 OKAY, enough chit-chat, let’s dive in!


Product ❤ #1: EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation (in shade F200) $17.85

unnamed (20) WP_001403

Hoooooly mother of foundation Gods, this is definitely my #1 favorite not only for this week but for the entire month of August! I first heard about this British makeup line on You Tube from Amanda Ensing and then Casey Holmes, both of who I love to watch and very much trust their taste.

You can’t buy this in the states right now (Hopefully this changes!!) However you CAN get it on a website called and your shipping is even free–completely free. This sells for less than $18, and I can tell you RIGHT now I would HAPPILY pay way more to have this foundation (shhh!).

“This lightweight foundation is specially formulated for Asian, Middle/Far-Eastern or Mediterranean complexions, and is enriched with light diffusers to cleverly detract light away from lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Formulated with ‘true colour’ pigments, it blends perfectly with your skin tone, creating a natural, skin-on-skin effect.” (from the website)

unnamed (19) unnamed (22)

I could not agree more! This does not settle into ANY fine lines or sink into my large pores, it does not cling to dry spots, it helps control oil like a mother trucker and LASTS FOR-EVER… I can put this foundation on at 7am and not touch it up till around 4pm, and even then I’m just blotting or touching up with a translucent powder.

This is a medium-full coverage foundation and you can build it easily and smoothly without cakey-ness. It has a thicker, very velvety texture and I like to apply it best with a buffing brush. It does come with a pump and I think the packaging is very lovely. It is a plastic bottle, but I like and appreciate that as it travels very well.

I picked up the shade F200, there are 5 shades in all, and this shade fits me perfectly when I am moderately self-tanned. I’m going to be picking up a shade darker as well for when I’m more self-tanned, and I would also like to try out their powder and blusher! ❤



Can’t rave enough about this foundation, it has a STUNNING natural finish on me, and I recommend especially if you have neutral/yellow/olive undertones. If you have pink undertones only, I wouldn’t recommend as it was formulated specifically for Asian/Middle Eastern skin tones. 🙂

Product ❤ #2: Makeup Forever Invisible Cover HD Foundation $42 (125 Sand)

WP_001369 unnamed (18)

Now when I’m not reaching for my EX1 foundation, this is what I grab for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation so much. I love the formula, the color-range, the blendability, the long wear time, the finish, the coverage, EVERYTHING. I have this in two shades–the one I’m showing here is in 125 Sand and I wear this when I’m not as self tanned. I wear 128 Almond when I am fully self-tanned. Both are beige and slightly yellow under-toned.

WP_001371 unnamed (16) unnamed (17)

This is full coverage for me, and gives me a gorgeous natural/satin finish. If you are oily this will be more dewy on you, and if you are very dry you can still wear it you will just have more of a matte effect. I am normal/combo skin so it just looks very natural/satin on me personally.

I love to use this foundation with either my flat top kabuki or my beauty blender, and it never disappoints. It will last many hours with minor touching up, and doesn’t settle into my pores too badly, and when I use my porefessional first it doesn’t at all.

I think this is one of those foundations everyone should have in their makeup arsenal, and with as many shade choices as there are, anyone and everyone is sure to find their exact match so I recommend going in and getting color matched or picking up a couple of samples in the shades you think might best suit your skin.

It also comes with a pump which is amazeballs and the packaging is very sleek and lovely.

Product ❤ #3: Becca Cosmetics Mineral Blush in “Wild Honey” $32

WP_001374 WP_001377

Thankkkkkkk you miss Jaclyn Hill. ❤ Many moons ago (or months) the famed Jaclyn Hill had mention this exact shade of blush from Becca in her all time favorite blushes, and pretty much since then it has been completely out of stock no matter where you look.

It was restocked (and still is) recently and of course the moment I got the product notification from Sephora I swooped up this baby.

This blush is described as a nude peach, and is a very accurate description. On me it pulls as a very warm terracotta with a light peachy tint to it. It is more of a matte formula than the other two Becca blushes I have, and seems to not blend out QUITE as “easily” as them, however still that amazing, velvety, finely milled Becca formula.

unnamed (14) unnamed (15)

I will say being a lover of these blushes, this ISN’T my FAVORITE shade of the 3 I have, but it is definitely one of my favorite blushes that I own.

I will ALSO say that I do think you could find an exact dupe for this in a MAC blush, which would be half the cost, however if you are a lover and collector as I am of this blush line, I promise you WILL be happy you bought it, and I have reached for it many, many times this month, and this week. ❤

 Product ❤ #4: MAC blush in “Melba” & “Margin” $17-$21

unnamed (12)

I mean c’mon, would it BE a Saturday Standouts for me without including at least one MAC blush!?? 😉 But really–these are the two newest to my collection of MAC blushes, and at first when I opened them up I was puzzled–because they looked EXACTLY the same. However, one is a satin/shimmer finish and the other is matte.

So basically what I’ve discovered is that alone as individuals they are gorgeous, but also layered TOGETHER they make a stunning pair–somewhat like laying the same color lip gloss over top of a lipstick to make it more “shiny”. 🙂


Melba is described as a soft coral-peach.

unnamed (13) WP_001383

Margin is described as a peach with golden shimmer.

WP_001385 WP_001386

So yes, they are definitely not identical twins, but fraternal twins I’d say heck yes!

Product ❤ #5: MAC Lipstick in “Diva” $16

WP_001390 WP_001394

YAY FALL!!!! I just had to say that–this lipstick has been hiding away from me all summer and I MISSED HIM SO MUCH! ❤ This is the most STUNNING, vampy reddish-burgundy lipstick EVER. It is a matte formula so it can be a tad drying, so I like to top it off with Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss in “Seduction” and line my lips with NYX Lip Liner in “Plum.

WP_001395 WP_001389

The combo is SO spot on–so sexy and feminine, it looks fantastic paired with a neutral eye, or even a very smokey eye if you feel the urge. 🙂 I have worn this lipstick twice this past week and I absolutely can’t get enough of it! ❤

Diva lipstick, Seduction lipgloss and Plum lip liner

Diva lipstick, Seduction lipgloss and Plum lip liner

Product ❤ #6: BareMineral’s Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara $18

unnamed (11) unnamed (9)

I’ve mentioned this product before, quite a few months ago when I had a sample of it. I fell in love with it from that sample and have been meaning to pick up the full-size ever since. Well I finally did, and I’m definitely not regretting it. I will say that this is a wetter formula mascara, and I have found that the longer you have it (and it thickens up a bit) the better it wears–I don’t know why–it just does! Ha ha.

This really makes my lashes sky-high, it volumizes AND lengthens them which is why I love it so much. The wand is very unique, I think the name suits it well ha ha. 🙂

This is really inexpensive for high-end mascaras and I like to use it alongside my Miss Manga mascara (I really never use just one mascara, I always layer them) and the look and effect is gorgeousness. ❤

Product ❤ #7: Essie Nail Polish in “Bordeaux” $8.50


If anything screams fall for me personally in the makeup world, it’s the color “bordeaux”. When everyone went crazy for the color last fall, I was in HEAVEN because I have always loved and integrated this color into my makeup and fashion every fall. This is the epitome of the color genre, it is a great formula as I find all Essie polishes to be (Sans maybe a couple) and I feel so…. so fashionable when I wear it–don’t ask me why–lol! 🙂

It’s just stunning and if you’re into this shade at all, I’d pick up this and of course MAC’s Diva lipstick as well as I mentioned a moment ago ;-).


Alright my sweet friends, that’s about it for this week, I hope you’ve all enjoyed, and as always leave me comments below of the products YOU’VE been loving, or your opinions on these that I’ve mentioned if you have tried them yourselves. 🙂

God Bless,


Rachel ❤




Estee Lauder “Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer” *REVIEW*

Hi ladies!! ❤

Today I wanted to bring you a review of a new bronzer I have purchased; I’m sure if you are familiar with the beauty community on YouTube you’ll have seen this bronzer popping up in a few of the well-known videos lately.

It is from Estee Lauder and comes with .74 oz. of product which is a whopping amount, and sells for $36 at places like Sephora and Nordstroms. It does come in 4 shades, I chose 02 Medium which was right in the middle.

The first thing I will touch on is the glorious packaging <3, if you’re like me and packaging matters to you, you will love the luxurious brown and gold tortoise print case, the compact is large with a beautiful quality mirror and it does click shut so it won’t be popping open on you if you travel with it.

WP_001324 WP_001327


It’s absolutely beautiful and looks gorgeous sitting on your vanity, which I think if you’re paying for higher-end… you want everything about it to be more luxurious and detailed. The ONLY thing negative about the packaging IS the size however because it IS larger than the palm of your hand, storing it can be difficult, so it pretty much just sits on my vanity–but since I use it every day and it is a lovely I really don’t mind that.

The bronzer itself is not an all matte bronzer, but it’s funny because when you apply it there isn’t any shimmer that translates to the face, just a nice, subtle sheen that can translate out in the sun, but for the most part it really does apply more as a matte bronzer–go figure–so it’s absolutely useful for both all over warmth on the face or even depending on your skin tone, as a contour shade.

unnamed (3) WP_001331


The one important thing I will say about this bronzer if you are considering it is that is runs very warm and very red. If you are into cooler bronzers such as Benefit’s Hoola, or even Too Faced Chocolate bar and you are NOT looking to stray from that color effect, this might be too deep and burnt for you.

I personally DID want to add a more red toned bronzer to my collection, I have mostly cool toned and warm toned, but NOTHING like this in my collection where it really pulls that warm burnt hue.

unnamed (5) unnamed (6)

I’ve been really testing this out since I received it about a week ago and I gotta say… I’m in love. Like I said, it’s one of those products that IS going to work for just about everyone, but it’s completely about preference here and what TONE you’re wanting from your bronzer.

IF this is something you think you would enjoy, I can say that I find it incredibly easy to blend out, it is easy to build up the color, and this adds the most gorgeous warmth to your skin, it’s incredibly flattering and now that I have it, I will say that it has become one of my favorite products to use doing my makeup every single day!

Not great light in this picture, but I am wearing the bronzer. It really is very natural looking.

Not great light in this picture, but I am wearing the bronzer. It really is very natural looking.

I’m extremely pleased I bought it, and YES I think it’s absolutely worth picking up. I would compare it to the Bobbi Brown bronzers, this one just pulls a tad bit more red (again). I’d give it an 8/10 overall, and kind of across the board in terms of texture, longevity, pigment and versatility.

I hope this helps some of you who had been considering this like I had, and if it is worth picking up. ❤

Love you guys!

God bless,


Rachel ❤

*August Product Empties*–Would I Repurchase?

Happy Friday ladies! ❤ I hope you’re all having an awesome week and start to your weekend–happy labor day weekend!! Is anyone taking any camping trips or have any fun parties/get together’s going on?! 🙂

This month I accumulated quite a few empty products–products I have used up–so I wanted to go ahead and put a blog post together showing you guys what all I have, my thoughts on them, would I recommend them or not, and will I be repurchasing them. ❤

SO lets jump right in because I have a lot of stuff!! 🙂


Product Empty #1: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque $33

 WP_001308 WP_001309

I still love my Aussie 3 minute miracle, however this is an amazing product. It’s a cult-favorite deep hair conditioner on You-Tube and with bloggers for a good reason. Among its many attributes which cause me to love it, is its amazing smell–very tropical and fruity–the creamy/thick consistency that coats and penetrates your hair with very little product, and just how unbelievably soft this makes my hair feel.

When I was using this regularly once or twice a week my hair was definitely showing the benefits, it was softer, more manageable, more hydrated and smelled amazing. This container did last me 6+ months so um yes–I think the $33 dollars for those who say it’s too pricey, is WELL worth it. If you are on more of a budget, they do have a smaller version for $16 in a tube at ULTA that will last you a couple of months as well.

YES I will be repurchasing this, it’s on my list! ❤

Product Empty #2: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara $23


Yup–I will be repurchasing this–this week actually. This mascara is really unbeatable for me. I love L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara (especially combined with this one for some added length) and I love a couple of other mascaras which I will talk about, but this one…. this one is just unbeatable in terms of making your lashes like a billion times thicker and just gorgeous. It can flake a little, but not anything that is bothersome to me, and when I top this off with the Miss Manga or a waterproof mascara, it’s perfectly awesome.

Product Empty #3: Mally Volumizing Mascara $20


This is a mascara I have used on and off for YEARS–probably the first time I tried it was about 6 years ago when I ordered off of QVC when I first heard of Mally Beauty. This was the first product I tried from her line, and the love affair is still burning strong. ❤

It may look pretty basic, and I never hear anyone talking about it, but it will forever be in my top 3 holy grail mascaras because this gives me the same effect as the Better Than Sex lashes–maybe just a TAD less volume, but it really is amazing. It’s VERY black, and it thickens your lashes amazingly. It lengthens decently well, and doesn’t clump up, at least never has on me.

The only reason I’m not repurchasing right NOW is because I have backups of others to go through still, but in the future I will repurchase it just like I always do, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Product Empty #4: Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder  $8.99


This is–for me–the best drugstore powder out there. This is absolutely, without a doubt comparable to high-end powders that sell for WAY more than 3x more. It is SO soft and velvety, it keeps me matte for hours and has amazing coverage. I won’t be repurchasing it right now just because I’m more into translucent setting powders right now–namely my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, however I know that whenever I want to be a little more budget-conscious, or I want something with more coverage–this is 100% the powder I go for. I HAVE recommended it to many people and will continue to do so. ❤

Product Empty #5: YSL “Babydoll” Mascara $30


I love/hate this mascara. Would you like to know WHY I love/hate this mascara?! Because it is WONDERFUL–and it’s freakin’ pricey!! And here is the best part… I use this… only on my bottom lashes. WHY WOULD I PAY $30 JUST FOR MY BOTTOM LASHES you ask!?? Because this brush is PERFECT for the lower lashes, the formula is fantastic, but that BRUSH–it’s skinny and very “spiny” so it doesn’t clump my lashes at all and it really coats those babies. I think coating your lower lashes (NOT just your top) is extremely important and can really make or break an eye look (I promise).

So yeah… will I repurchase this spendy little diva? … YUP. I’m not ashamed. 100% worth it. ❤

Product Empty #6: Skindinavia “The Makeup Setting Spray”  $29 (EVERYTHING 20% OFF ONSITE FOR LABORDAY)


FIRST off, like it says above, Dermstore is having a 20% off labor-day sale so if you’ve been wanting this setting spray, GO-GO-GO!

Now for WHY you want this setting spray: I have tried many… many different brands of setting sprays, THIS one is superior in so many ways. It’s so completely gentle, it feels like nothing on your face, however my makeup stays on for DAYS (if I let it), well at least all day, it controls my shine and it is extremely refreshing as well when used throughout the day (although you don’t need to, just nice sometimes when it’s hot out).

I do have a very FULL review on this spray HERE, so I’ll leave it at that–but YES I have already repurchased this because I won’t be without it. ❤

Product Empty #7: Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer $24.64 (on sale at


I had received this product in an Influester box a few months ago and fell in love with it instantly. I hoped and hoped it wouldn’t break me out because it’s texture is SO incredibly velvety and almost serum-like feeling (instantly absorbs though) and it smells SO delicious, so I wasn’t sure how my skin would react to it. Luckily it reacted amazingly with my combination skin and after a couple of weeks of use my face was definitely more evenly toned and brighter looking.

It’s just very hydrating and velvety feeling I love to use this every morning. I will be repurchasing this because I was really bummed when I ran out the other day lol, and I definitely recommend it.

Product Empty #8: Benefit Porefessional Primer  $31


If you have read even a couple of my posts you’re already going to know the answer to this one–YES I already repurchased it–before I even ran out of this one because oh my gosh I don’t want to go a day without it! 😛 Nothing fills in my pores and creates the velvety finish this does for me. I actually only use it on my cheeks, right around my nose and towards my temples because I have huge pores there (darnit) so this last me a long time–I’ve had this container since… christmas I believe… so yeah lasted me 8 months!! ❤

All in all, yes I recommend it, it’s a fabulous primer and worth every penny.

Product Empty #9: Philosophy Purity Made Simply Cleanser $23  (My size is the $10 for 3 oz)

unnamed (13)

I used to swear by this stuff, I always pre-cleanse to get a lot of my makeup off before I actually wash my face with cleanser, and since I used to love this so much I purchased a little bottle of it when I ran out of my Boscia’s Makeup Break-Up Cool Cleansing Oil cleanser to see if maybe I’d like it better, but I really don’t. I do think this is a great face wash and if you’re looking for something very simple that works and doesn’t have a lot of fragrance, you will love this.

I just really prefer to use a cleansing oil and the Boscia one is still my favorite. I won’t be repurchasing this, however yes I do think it’s nice and would recommend it, it’s just not MY personal favorite have-to-have-it product.

Product Empty #10: St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse Self Tanner $42


Again, this is a WONDERFUL self tanner, I have used it for several years. However, after discovering my Famous Dave’s Bronzing Mousse, I just don’t use anything else. So yes I recommend it, however I recommend the Famous Dave’s even more because it has a better color, lasts longer, dries faster and has less of a scent. Therefore no I won’t be repurchasing this. ❤


PHEW, okay guys that’s it for now, I hope you’ve all enjoyed and mostly I hope that this can be helpful to some of you if you’ve been considering any of these products, or if you’re looking for makeup or skin care and aren’t sure what to try. 🙂

Love you guys!

God Bless,


Rachel ❤


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BRAND NEW “Makeup Geek Vegas Lights Pallet” *Review*

Hellloooo!!!! I feel like it’s been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I last posted; my best friends wedding was over the weekend in which I was both a bridesmaid and had the pleasure of doing her makeup, and my son started 1st grade on Monday–whew! Things have just been busy, busy for me!! I’m SO glad to finally be sitting down and getting this post done for you guys, I miss blogging SO much if even a few days go by and I can’t write.

I’m SO excited to bring this review to you all today, I pre-ordered this pallet before it launched a couple of days ago on the Makeup Geek website. This is Makeup Geek’s FIRST pallet and Marlena who is the founder of this amazing company said excitedly in her YouTube announcement for this pallet that it has been in the makings for 2 years. She is extremely proud of it and I can tell you right off the bat that Marlena has put her heart and soul into this one.

WP_001280 WP_001292

Everything from the packaging, to the sweet hand-written thank you note that came in the package, to the incredible quality and stunning colors of this pallet, it is high-end quality and I’m absolutely blown away by it.

WP_001284 WP_001286

The Vegas Light’s Pallet comes with 6 shades, features 5 new and exclusive eyeshadows, plus their existing Bada Bing eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow Shades Included in the Palette (From the Makeup Geek website)
– Casino – Shimmery saturated metallic gold with orange undertones.
– Sin City – Shimmery Golden Apricot/ Golden Medium Orange.
– Roulette – A rosy, burnt shimmery sienna.
– Mirage – Pale matte beige with yellow undertones and a silky finish.
– Desert Sands – Matte, medium terra-cotta.
– Bada Bing – Deep brown with flecks of gold.


WP_001287 WP_001289


These shadows are SO pigmented and soft, if you like warm, gold/yellow toned colors then you will love this pallet. If you are more into cooler tones, I don’t think this will be for you.

The only shadow I don’t see myself using AS much is Bada Bing, and that’s just preference. It is a fantastically pigmented shadow and smokes out a look with these other colors beautifully, I just don’t care for the glitter in it myself.

I’m blown away at the pigmentation of these, and I think I’m going to really like using them with a little MAC Fix+ to really intensify their vibrancy.

So if you’re already a fan of Makeup Geek eyeshadows and their superior quality, I guarantee you will love adding this pallet to your collection. The packaging is absolutely adorable, well made and the mirror in it is actually really good, no cheap plastic mirror from Marlena! 😉

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review and found it helpful, I give it a 10 out of 10 stars and fully recommend it! ❤


God Bless, 


Rachel ❤





L’ORÉAL Visible Lift Blur Foundation *REVIEW*

Happy Wednesday my loves! I hope everyone’s is having a great day and start to their week. 🙂

Today I am bringing you a review of the new foundation from L’Oreal called “L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation” , it sells at your local drugstore for $14.99 and comes in 12 different shades. I personally wasn’t sure what to expect from this, so I read up on the website beforehand to see what the product claims were and if I thought it was worth my $15:

“L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation has an opti-blur technology that is great for all skin types. It is non-comedogenice and contains SPF 18. It provides anti-aging benefits while hiding any imperfections.” –Ulta

That really didn’t give me too much to go on, so I just took the plunge and picked it up to make my own conclusion. The color I picked up is a little darker than I was as I took the swatch pictures, but now that my self-tan is on again it matches pretty well.

unnamed (7)  unnamed (6)  unnamed (3) unnamed (5)

So as you can see it’s a very whipped texture, it reminds me almost exactly of my Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour foundation, only THIS foundation has a more silky feeling when applied. It almost feels like you’re applying a foundation mixed with a serum–so it feels very light and luxurious which I absolutely love.

I get very solid medium coverage with this, but I can easily build it up to full without it getting cakey or heavy feeling.

I prefer to apply it with a dampened beauty blender although it works well with a kabuki brush as well.

The thing I love the most about this foundation is the finish it gives me. It blurs my large pores and my fine lines VERY well, it doesn’t sink into them at all, so it gives me a very soft focus effect. For me this is a demi-matte finish. It’s not totally matte, but I wouldn’t say it’s dewy–just really velvety and luminous looking. It’s really stunning and when set with powder it is even more so.

BEFORE: Literally just woke up...

BEFORE: Literally just woke up...

AFTER: Foundation, a little blush, lip gloss and brows done. You can see it REALLY covers my dark circles.

AFTER: Foundation, a little blush, lip gloss and brows done. You can see it REALLY covers my dark circles.


1) Good coverage

2) Beautiful finish

3) Price

4) fairly long-wearing

5) absolutely hides/blurs enlarged pores and fine lines.



1) I’m not a huge fan of the shade range–it’s pretty much medium-dark shades.

2) I did get a little oily with this foundation–nothing bad, just needed to blot after 3-4-hours of wear.


So yes, overall I give this foundation a whopping 9 out of 10 stars. I think if you are like me and have some uneven skin texture, and enlarged pores you are going to love this foundation and it will be worth purchasing for you. I find it very comfortable to wear, and not unlike the performance of my higher-end foundations. I’m very impressed with this and definitely recommend giving it a try!

I love you guys, I will be posting lots of good stuff coming this next week so keep a look-out for that!

God bless,


Rachel ❤


And The Winner Is….

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway, I loved hearing from all of you and I wish

EVERY single person that entered  could win this!!! I will be having more giveaway’s soon with even more

exciting prizes, so if you didn’t win this time there will be many more chances!!

So the moment we’ve all been waiting for…



Katie from Plus+Beauty


Congrats Katie and I will be contacting you ASAP to collect your info and get this awesome prize out to you!


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God bless!


Rachel ❤


+My Ever Growing “Makeup Geek” Eye Shadow Collection+

Hi my loves! I hope everyone is having a great week so far and is really soaking in that last bit of summer! ❤ My family and I are going to our county fair this weekend which will be a ton of fun, and then my girlfriend is getting married the following weekend; I will be doing her makeup and I am SO blessed and flattered beyond words at having been asked to do this for her special day! I will definitely do some sort of post on that, I’m not sure if I want to do a makeup tutorial on the look, or just a general look at her and the wedding with some pictures and all–I’ll figure it out, but definitely going to be doing that! ❤

Also before we jump in, just want to remind everyone about the giveaway which is going on right now on my blog, to enter you can go here —-> HERE <—– and win a full-sized bottle of my new favorite facial cleanser of life, Mia Mariu’s Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser. Easy to enter, open to US entrants only (sorry :(…) and the contest does end this next Tuesday, August 18th. ❤

Alright so lets jump in! So far I have 13 of Makeup Geeks amazing eye-shadows. I pick up a couple of these every single month and they have definitely become my most used eye shadows right along side my MAC shadows. The quality of these shadows is so incredible; soft, buttery, easily blended, pigmented, just absolutely the highest quality.

The compact’s sell for $7.99 and the pan form (which is what I buy) that you can put into a z-pallet sell for only $5.99 a piece; so very affordable for just about anyone.

Don’t let the lighter shades fool you with my crappy swatches, they are my MOST used shades; peach smoothie I use every single day as a transition shade, creme brulee is also a deeper option for a transition shade, frappe–same thing and deeper still. I pretty much want EVERY SINGLE shade so I’ll have to pick up a couple more z-pallets or MAC pallets soon! 🙂

Here’s a look at all 13 shades I have in my collection so far:

1) Peach Smoothie

peachesandcream peachesandcream2

2) Creme Brulee

Cremebrulee cremebrulee

3) Frappe

frappe frappe2

4) Mango Tango

mangotango mangotango2

5) Burlesque

burlesque burlesque

6) Envy

envy envy

7) Brown Sugar

brownsugar brownsugar2

8) Shimma Shimma

ShimmaShimma shimma

9) Cupcake

cupcake cupcake2

10) Bitten

bitten bitten2

11) Preppy

Preppy preppy2

12) Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan cosmo2

13) Prom Night

PromNight promnight2


Love you guys, have a great rest of your day and I really hope this post was helpful! 🙂

God Bless,


Rachel ❤

Mia Mariu’s Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser *GIVEAWAY* Contest



Hey beauties! Today I’m SOOOOOO excited to be given this amazing opportunity to give away a full-sized bottle of the facial cleanser I have been LOVING recently. My last post I did review it which you can go ahead and review HERE, I truly am excited because I know you will absolutely love this and maybe otherwise may not have given it a try!

To enter is simple:

1) Click on the link here below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

2) The only 2 MANDATORY tasks are that you MUST BE FOLLOWING THIS BLOG and LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST. Everything else is optional however will give you more entries meaning more chances to win the giveaway! 🙂

3) This giveaway is open to US ENTRANTS ONLY (sorry anyone outside of the US :(( …) as this will be shipping directly from Mia Mariu’s and this is what they have chosen to offer.

Here is some info about this amazing facial cleanser:

New and Improved anti-inflammatory formula with 8 natural botanicals!  Aloe, marigold, sea kelp, sea lettuce, plus nourishing essential oils: orange peel, lemon, lime and grapefruit are at the heart of this soft pampering cleanser.  This improved formula has increased levels of Aloe along with the addition of anti-inflammatory Sea Lettuce and essential oils making it an extra gentle cleanser.  Suitable for all skin types, non-irritating, paraben-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free.

unnamed (17) unnamed (16)


So that’s everything guys, good luck to everyone and this contest will last one week, starting today and ending on Tuesday August 18th. 🙂

Good luck everyone!


Rachel ❤


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Saturday Standouts 8/9/14

Happy weekend ladies!! I had such a great couple of days, Stephen had a couple of days off work for once and we spent a lot of good time together with Sophia (my daughter). Also my son came home this afternoon from visiting his Dad in Cali the past couple of weeks, so to say I’m EXTREMELY ECSTATIC is even an understatement lol. It was SO GOOD to hug and hold him again! ❤


I hope you’re all having a great day as you’re reading this, and as ALWAYS I LOVE interacting with all of you so please leave any comments or thoughts or anything you’d like in the comments below! ❤


Product ❤ #1 Mia’s Foaming Gel Cleanser $21

unnamed (16) unnamed (17)

This is something I was sent and have been EXTREMELY impressed and surprised by because I can’t get enough of it! I did some quick research on this company, and it is an online sales representative corporation much like “Younique” if you’re familiar with that (The 3D fiber lashes) and sells both skin care and makeup products. I’d never heard about it before so I was grateful to be sent the product! I didn’t expect to love it so much to be honest, but I actually look forward to using this to cleanse my face both morning and night.

I have used it twice a day for about a week now. The consistency is a gel that foams up as its deep cleaning your pores, I LOVE the texture of this, it feels very luxurious and soft on the skin, leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed without feeling like it’s been stripped what-so-ever.

The ingredients are just as luxurious with aloe, marigold, sea kelp, sea lettuce, orange peel, lemon, lime and grapefruit extracts being at the heart of this soft pampering cleanser. This formula contains high levels of Aloe, anti-inflammatory ingredients like Sea Lettuce and nourishing essential oils making it an extra gentle cleanser.

It smells delicious–like citrus–and I think for how much I’m loving this cleanser I would be more than happy to pay the $21 to repurchase it, and I look forward to trying more from this line!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Product ❤ #2 MAC Eye Shadow in “Antiqued” & “Brown Script” $10-16

unnamed (19) unnamed (20)

Sigh… what can I say about these two shades… so brown script is just something that I use 95% of the time in all of my eye looks. I’m obsessed with this for a crease color and my eye is constantly pulled towards it in my pallet of shadows. Antiqued is one I already know I’m going to be reaching for all fall and winter, but this week I’ve been renewing my love for it. It just has the most beautiful burnt copper color that makes my eyes pop and really amps up any look I’m going for.

These two shades are two that I would absolutely recommend especially if you’re really into warmer tones like I am. 🙂

Brown script is described as a warm chestnut-brown and is a matte.

Antiqued is described as an ash brown with bronze and is a veluxe pearl.


Product ❤ #3 Makeup Geek Eye Shadow in “Cupcake” & “Bitten” $5.99

unnamed (21)  WP_001103 unnamed (22)

Every time I pick up a new Makeup Geek shadow I am utterly blown away at the quality of them. I haven’t gotten a dud yet, the texture is very consistent throughout the line, the pigmentation, color choices, and blend-ability is simply on point–the same or better in some cases than my MAC shadows.

I recently picked up a few shades and among them were “cupcake” and “bitten”.

Cupcake is described as a matte medium pink. I didn’t have anything like this in my collection surprisingly and I’m SO in love with it. If you’ve noticed this color and just thought eh–it’s nothing special–no…no it’s definitely something special! Ha ha! This is so soft and feminine looking and it would complement any eye color.

Bitten is described as a matte, deep, maroon red. Again, if you are at all like me and were thinking eh–I’ll pass on this one… DON’T! Go and get it because it is the most luscious, deep, berry/maroon color it makes your eyes pop like no other, and the look of this in the crease and outer v with cupcake all over the lid is to die for!!! 🙂

Using CUPCAKE & BITTEN. Lips are Gerard Cosmetic's BUTTER CREAM Gloss

Using CUPCAKE & BITTEN. Lips are Gerard Cosmetic’s BUTTER CREAM Gloss

Product ❤ #4 Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer $6.99

WP_001089 unnamed (24)

This one cracks me up because a couple of months ago I actually had this on my Makeup I Regret Buying list… well lo and behold I ran out of all my other primers and I needed SOMETHING so I thought what the heck I have it, I’ll use it. Um yeah, I can’t stop using it now. I LOVE this stuff… It really makes my makeup STICK on my face all day, it does keep me matte for hours and helps reduce shine throughout the day, and I love the consistency of it which is like a thick face cream almost. It feels very smooth and soft blended out onto the skin, and I’m really glad I gave this another try because I’m really loving it!

Product ❤ #5 Makeup Geek Small Crease Brush $6.99

WP_001084 WP_001085 WP_001086

This is the first makeup brush I’ve used/purchased from Makeup Geek and once again I am 100% satisfied with this product line. This brush through me for a loop because at first I thought they’d sent me the wrong brush; a pencil brush by mistake, but once I realized that nope–they’d sent me the right one, and tried this out, I am SO glad I got it. I have hooded eyes and sometimes getting that color to really build up in my “crease” can be hard.

This little wonder is somewhere between the perfect amount of stiffness and perfect amount of fluffiness to really get in there, deposit the color, and blend it into that crease beautifully. This is DEFINITELY help you achieve a cut-crease look as well so if you’re looking for something for that then really I think you should get this brush!

The price is outstanding, and now that I’ve tried one of her brushes I know I will definitely be going back for more! ❤

Product ❤ #6 Makeup Forever HD Foundation (128 Almond) $42

s1096957-main-hero unnamed (23)

So I don’t have the FULL bottle of this, which is why there is a stock photo of the bottle and just a picture of the swatch–I have gotten two pretty good-sized samples of this from Sephora now and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that at the moment this is my HOLY GRAIL, I LOVE, I NEED, I WANT this foundation. I WILL be purchasing the full size this week or next, and I am SOOOO thrilled with the performance and look this foundation gives me, it is out of this world you guys. I can not believe I’ve never tried this stuff before!

This has a liquidy consistency and reminds me exactly of my Smashbox 12 hour studio wear foundation. I can blend this on easily with either my sigma f80 or with my beauty blender and I can build this up from medium to full coverage without it getting heavy or cakey.

This lasts… and lasts… and lasts you guys, and in photos it looks stunning.

unnamed (12)

CAN’T recommend this foundation enough it is hands down my favorite new obsession! ❤


Alright guys that’s it for this week, I love you all so much and thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog!

God bless,


Rachel ❤